Nowości w Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge. New version with a useful little detail

Microsoft has updated its Edge browser. You probably already have it on your computer, so it's worth taking a look at something new.

Microsoft has introduced a new tool to the Edge browser – the connection speed test. You'll find them in the same place as the calculator, unit converter, translator, clock and other little things. If you don't see the new add-on in the sidebar, make sure you have version 124.0.2478.80 of Microsoft Edge.

Speedtest in Microsoft Edge

Under normal circumstances, I would applaud this idea. When I'm working away from home, which is quite often, I like to check what's available. It often turns out that my work will go faster if I use my phone as an access point, rather than Wi-Fi in a hotel or cafe.

However, Microsoft has prepared a poor implementation of this function. I expected the speed test to be performed here, where you can see the speed indicator. Nothing of that. After clicking “Start”, a new browser tab opens where Bing searches for “Speed ​​Test”. Nothing happens on the side panel…

Microsoft Edge Speed ​​Test

I hope the speed test on the tools panel will be more useful in the future. This is also a good place to keep your performance history.

Additionally, Microsoft has fixed two security vulnerabilities in the Chromium engine. One of them was related to the picture-in-picture media display mechanism, the other to the Dawn component, i.e. the WebGPU implementation.

Limiting memory usage in the Edge beta

Microsoft Edge, memory usage control

It is worth adding at this point that in version 125 beta Microsoft Edge browser can test a new mechanism for controlling access to RAM. You will be able to manually set how much memory Edge can take up. The restriction may be active while playing or always. This will ensure that the browser and the game do not compete.

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