Microsoft potwierdza. Nowy system operacyjny to nie jest Windows 12

Microsoft confirms. The new operating system is not Windows 12

We already know that the next big update to Microsoft’s operating system will not be called Windows 12.

For several weeks, there have been rumors about a new version of Windows, which is expected to be available to users later this year. Some sources said it would be Windows 12, while others suggested it was just a massive update, labeled Windows 11 24H2. We finally found out which option was true.

Windows 11 24H2

The latest entry on the official Microsoft blog contains information that this year’s major Windows update will be marked as Windows 11 24H2. The Redmond company also admitted that it will be released only in the fall, which starts at the end of September.

Does this mean that Windows 11 24H2 will introduce fewer new features than Windows 12? Probably not. The update will largely focus on opportunities related to artificial intelligence. There is even talk of a completely new era and devices called AI PC.

Microsoft’s decision seems reasonable. The introduction of a new system as Windows 12 would automatically make Windows 12 obsolete and its adoption, which is already not the best, would practically come to a standstill. On the other hand, users of the new version could complain about the small number of changes and novelties focused mainly on artificial intelligence.

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