Microsoft Bing (ChatGPT) definitely wants to bury Google

Microsoft presents a new evolution of its search engine based on generative artificial intelligence. A new tool that competes with Google Lens and its multimodal search.

The arrival of ChatGPT and more generally of generative artificial intelligence has launched a new revolution on the Web. The player with the most to lose is Google with its eponymous search engine. However, before that, the Mountain View giant had another weapon in its pocket to renew itself: multimodal research. An idea taken up by Microsoft to go even further than ChatGPT.

MUM and multimodal research

Already in 2021, Google unveiled MUM (for Multitask Unified Model), its new algorithm combining visual and textual search. The idea? Ask the search engine to rely on an image for a more complete answer.

Just imagine: you like the pattern on your best friend’s shirt and would appreciate similar socks. Just point your smartphone in its direction, explain that you want the same in socks and MUM will get you the Holy Grail of your toes. Of course, this can take many forms and is particularly useful when you don’t know the name of a specific object. The simple query how to fix that? » for example, by photographing the object in question, could provide an answer.

Microsoft outweighs the pawn

In the starting blocks, Google is overwhelmed by Microsoft’s announcements of the day. In a blog post, the creator of Windows reveals three new features for Bing: Bing Chat for business, the price of Copilot in Microsoft 365 for individuals and the use of visual search in Bing Chat.

The search engine using GPT-4 can now rely on images to answer you. The examples shown by Microsoft speak for themselves.

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A badly drawn freehand diagram and the right prompt thus makes it possible to obtain the HTML and CSS code of a complete web page. Another example: a photo with several mains adapters and the prompt “ which one should i take to uk » gives a correct answer.

Clearly, we are currently witnessing a revival of the search engine market, monopolized by Google for more than a decade. A historic moment that could well see Microsoft pull out of the game.

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