Microsoft announces a paid subscription for its AI

Microsoft has unveiled pricing for using Copilot in its Microsoft 365 office suite. It will be $30 per user per month. A cost that is of course added to the price of the basic subscription.

It was during its Microsoft Inspire event that the firm unveiled the prices of its artificial intelligence tools for businesses. This concerns Bing Chat, its ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence search engine, but also Copilot, the AI ​​chatbot integrated everywhere in Windows and the 365 suite.

5 dollars per month for a chatbot less good than ChatGPT?

Microsoft announced on its blog the launch of Bing Chat Enterprise. A tool ” that empowers businesses with AI-powered instant messaging for work, with business data protection. The company guarantees that everything that passes through Bing Chat is protected.

For this, organizations that have subscribed to a Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium or Business Standard license can use it for free, at no additional cost, starting today. For others, you will have to pay 5 dollars per month. This version would generate better answers and would be more effective according to Microsoft.

The Copilot will be paid: 30 dollars per month to use the chatbot

The company from Redmond had ” pleased to announce pricing for Microsoft 365 Copilot “, namely 30 dollars per month and per user. This will be the case for all customers, regardless of their Microsoft 365 license. As a reminder, this is a chatbot that integrates into all office suite software: Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, etc.

The idea is to give ideas for creation, to generate reports, to write emails automatically, etc. All this taking into account all of your documents stored in your Microsoft 365 account.

Microsoft wants to shift gears to AI

Its Microsoft Inspire event was an opportunity to present new projects and discuss the progress of current ones. Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service is used by more than 4500 customers. It follows Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI. A sum that has enabled the company to offer its customers AI models from OpenAI in Azure. Microsoft specifies expanding access to this offer, particularly in Western Europe and Asia.

Another important announcement: the release of the second version of Llama, Meta’s second language model, in partnership with Qualcomm. It comes to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4. Microsoft’s interest in this situation is to integrate the language model into its Azure services. Also planned: integrate Llama 2 directly into Windows, locally, which would avoid going through servers. We know that it is possible, since a developer had managed to use Llama (first of the name) locally on his computer.

Finally, Bing Chat will get richer. Indeed, Microsoft has announced the arrival of multimodal search in Bing, like Google Lens. The search engine will be able to rely on images in its responses. The idea behind Microsoft’s head is clear: snub Google by going faster on this point. The opportunity is also: to take market share from the one who has dominated it since its inception.

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