Micron z pamięciami nowej generacji. Postęp widoczny gołym okiem

Micron with new generation memories. Progress visible to the naked eye

Micron with another milestone in the world of NAND memory. The Americans were the first to mass produce 200+ layered QLC dice.

On the SSD market, we have models with two main types of memory TLC and QLC, new solutions with SLC or MLC bones no longer appear. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, but QLC is especially attractive to manufacturers. Reason? Low production cost and larger capacities.

Micron boasts 24% higher efficiency

This, of course, affects durability and performance, where TLC fares better. American company Micron However, she boasted next-generation QLC memories. We are talking about 232-layer bones that are already in mass production and found in selected SSDs for the consumer and enterprise markets.

The Americans assure that their new solution offers 50% jump compared to the previous generation. All thanks to the speed increase to 2400MT/s. This translates to o 24% better reading performance. In addition, the dice themselves have a higher bit density, up to 28% compared to the competition.

Micron with new generation memories.  Progress visible to the naked eye

According to many people in the industry, this will allow for replacing all HDDs in server rooms with SSDs by 2028. Consumers will see the new QLC mainly through media Micron 2500which are already delivered to the first producers of ready-made computer sets and laptops.

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