Micron pokazał pamięci MCRDIMM. Jest szybko i pojemnie

Micron showed MCRDIMM memory. It's fast and roomy

It looks like we're going to see a performance spike in the server market. Micron boasted new DDR5-8800 RAM memories with a capacity of 256 GB per module.

During the event GTC 2024, which took place on March 18-21 in San Jose (USA), a number of new products were presented. Most of them focusing on artificial intelligence tasks. This is, among other things, about family NVIDIA Blackwell Whether groundbreaking SSD from SK hynix.

Servers will be able to offer up to 6 TB of RAM

It is also worth focusing your attention on an American company Micronwhich presented the modules DDR5 RAM type MCR-DIMM. Their capacity is impressive – 256GBas well as performance – 8800MT/s.

The MCR-DIMM standard is dual-rank modules equipped with a special buffer. This allows the strings to operate as if they were two separate chips, allowing 128 bytes of data to be fetched from both strings simultaneously per clock, effectively doubling the performance of a single module.

Micron showed MCRDIMM memory.  It's fast and roomy

Micron decided to use it 32 GB dice, there are exactly 80 of them per module (40 on each side). Such density on PCB means higher temperatures. Alone power consumption is also high – about 20 W.

The Americans created these memories for next-generation servers, including those powered by processors Intel Xeon Scalable from the family Granite Rapids. So this will allow you to get even up to 6 TB RAM for motherboards with 24 slots. Micron also promises to release lower models for 1U machines. The first copies are already being sent to key partners.

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