MG launches sales of its new electric car, but forgets to say the essentials

After showing itself at the Munich Motor Show, the MG Cyberster, the first real convertible electric car, is finally opening orders in China. The brand is not currently communicating the prices of the electric convertible, but is providing new technical information.

We often hear from its detractors thatElectric cars will kill the pleasure of driving. However, many manufacturers are keen to offer dynamic models, such as the Tesla Model S Plaid, the Porsche Taycan or the Lucid Air, not to mention the new Zeekr 01 FR.

Launch imminent

But another brand also wants to enter this niche. This is MG, which unveiled in 2021 the first concept announcing its Cyberster, a very attractive electric roadster. We were also able to go on board and discover it in detail. during the Munich show. But for the moment, it is not yet ready to arrive here since its launch in Europe is planned for the end of next year.

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese market will be served first since the MG Cyberster is manufactured there. The manufacturer has just announced the opening of orders for the latter on his Weibo page. Good news for customers in the Middle Kingdom, but there is a small catch. In fact, the brand does not give the price of its electric sports car, as the specialist points out. Tycho de Feijter on X.

The only thing the brand tells us is thata deposit of 10,000 yuan, or approximately 1,300 euros will be requested from customers. In addition to the car, they will receive an exclusive package worth 20,000 yuan, or 2,600 euros, the details of which are not yet known. However, the Chinese manufacturer still gave some information on the composition of the range.

This will be available in three finishes, called Glamor Edition, Style Edition and Pioneer Edition. In total, four body colors will be available, with two reds, yellow and gray. But where it really gets interesting is that MG, which is a hit with its MG4 in Europe, confirms some technical characteristics of its electric roadster on its website.

More than 60,000 euros?

We learn for example that two batteries will be available, displaying a capacity of 64 and 77 kWh. This allows the convertible, which could one day compete with a future electric Mazda MX-5, to display a maximum range of 580 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Which give approximately 493 kilometers with the much stricter European WLTP.

Glamor Edition Style Edition Pioneer Edition
Autonomy (CLTC / WLTP) 501 km / 425 km 580 km / 493 km 520 km / 442 km
Battery capacity (kWh) 64 77 77
Power (kW/hp) 231 250 400
Torque (Nm) 475 475 725
0 to 100 km/h 4.9 4.9 3.2
Maximum speed 193 195 200

The most efficient version, called Pioneer Edition, claims a maximum power of 400 horsepower against 231 and 250 horses for the others. Without competing with the Tesla Roadster, it will go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, compared to 4.9 seconds for the other finishes. Finally, the maximum speed is between 193 and 200 km/h. On the other hand, the manufacturer does not provide any information on recharging at the moment.

Regarding on-board technologies, the roadster is equipped with level 2 autonomous driving, delivered as standard from the 2nd trim level. It also hasa 10.25 inch touch screen and a 7-inch instrument panel from entry level as well as remote parking. A system that should be similar to Tesla’s Smart Summon mode.

According to CarNewsChinathe MG Cyberster should start around 239,800 yuan, i.e. 31,180 euros. A price which should be significantly increased in Europe, while it should be deprived of an ecological bonus.

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