Meta and Ray-Ban’s plan for AI-powered connected glasses

A first visual of the Ray-Ban Stories 2 is shown on the web as well as information concerning the powerful artificial intelligence that Meta aims to integrate into these connected glasses.

Will connected glasses finally experience the success they have been longing for for years? In 2023, the question deserves to be asked. Before officially discovering the Apple Vision Pro, we thought for a long time that we would be dealing with Apple Glass. At the last MWC, the real stars of the show were clearly connected glasses and many manufacturers are stepping up their efforts in this sector… which still remains bizarre in the eyes of some.

Be that as it may, the market already has some flagship products to highlight, like the Ray-Ban Stories. However, according to a recent leak, Meta (ex-Facebook) and Ray-Ban have great ambitions for the second generation and would like to boost it with artificial intelligence.

The “Supernova” project

For now, the project is codenamed “Supernova”. But we imagine that the marketed version of the product will be called Ray-Ban Stories 2. And these future connected glasses are already showing in a visual shared by NyaVR on the Threads social network. “This may be the first glimpse of the refreshed Ray-Ban Stories, codenamed Supernova. I found it in the device selection screen in the Facebook View appwrites NyaVR.

The shared image above all shows that the Ray-Ban Stories 2 would benefit from a refined charging case and a slightly more neat design. However, this is far from being the only revelation of NyaVR. Clues in the code of Facebook View – which the first Ray-Ban Stories already use for managing photos and videos – suggest that the application will be renamed Meta View. Nothing surprising, since it would follow the same logic as the VR helmets of the firm which swapped the name of the Oculus subsidiary for Meta.

A powerful artificial intelligence

Above all, NyaVR indicates that, “as expected, one of the highlights of the updated glasses will be the AI ​​assistant / chatbot!“. In other words, Ray-Ban Stories 2 (Supernova) would allow interaction with Meta’s AI. To activate it, you would have to start your sentence with “Hey Meta” and then you could ask it complex queries. NyaVR explains that the assistant would be much smarter and would understand requests such as “Hey Meta, write a poem about friendship“.

Finally, the Ray-Ban Stories 2 would also have the ability to broadcast live video on Facebook. This streaming function was blocked on the previous model to preserve its autonomy. So many new features that will serve as tempting arguments for future connected glasses… at least in the eyes of people who are really likely to be tempted.

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