McDonald's is putting in new vending machines. They will accept cash

McDonald's is introducing a new way to pay for your order in its outlets. You can do everything in your new machine.

McDonald's is famous for quickly ordering and preparing food, which is facilitated by self-service machines. Large touch screens with a full menu and the option to pay by card or BLIK are already standard in this chain's restaurants. What if you want to pay in cash?

McDonald's machines will accept cash

Currently, in most McDonald's locations, people paying in cash must do so when picking up their order. At this point, the premises employee will be responsible for the transaction. Mostly because already 20 percent The premises have self-ordering machines that accept banknotes and coins.

McDonald's calls these devices “cash machine”. Ultimately, they will probably be available in all establishments famous for the lumberjack burger, which warms Poles on autumn days. MacDonald's explains that the new machines will help the chain improve guest service – eventually speed of service is a priority here. If service staff are not involved in the transaction, the premises will gain valuable minutes. On a large scale, this will translate into a large profit, which probably justifies investing in additional machines.

By allowing you to pay with cash when ordering yourself, McDonald's is also becoming better accessible to different customers. Online research confirms that a large percentage of transactions are still carried out in cash.

The popularity of cashless transactions in Poland is growing every year, but we will soon see times without banknotes and coins.

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