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mBank with new products in the application. Here's what you need to know

mBank meets customers' needs and changes for the better. This time, the changes concern setting transfer limits from the bank's mobile application. The changes will affect 3.4 million active users of the application.

mBank has already started an information campaign about the changes that will soon be available in the mobile application. It sends emails to users with optimistic news that it will soon be possible to manage transfer limits from your phone.

It must be admitted that this is an extremely comfortable change. This will significantly speed up the procedure of ordering a transfer for amounts that exceed the set limit. You will no longer need to use a computer and the entire login procedure. All you need is a smartphone and the bank's mobile application.

You will soon be able to change the limits of the transfers you order in the mobile application. You will find out when we will make this option available on our website.

– we read in the information sent by mBank.

Banks are extremely cautious about changes in mobile banking so as not to increase the risk of fraud. They always announce the introduction of new functions well in advance. Let us remind you that in March, mBank introduced the possibility of changing BLIK limits yourself.

The changes will also affect deposits and interest rates will change. From July 15, 2024, we will not place an order to convert units/participation titles on mLinia. It is worth following current information so as not to be at a loss. All details are included in the regulations, which will apply from June 28, 2024.

He is currently using the mBank mobile application 3.4 million active users.

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