mBank z ważną zmianą. Część klientów straci dostęp

mBank with an important change. Some customers will lose access

Do you have a smartphone with an old Android or iOS system? Soon you will not be able to use the mBank mobile application. Apparently it’s because they care about your money.

mBank he boasts that he already has it 3.4 million users your mobile banking. Some of them need to prepare for changes and difficulties related to the mBank application. It’s about the people who use it iPhone with iOS older than 16.0 and smartphones with Android version below 8.0.

As we can read in the announcement, mBank plans to stop updating its mobile application on devices with older versions of Apple and Google systems. Bank customers with Android 8.0 or newer and iOS 16.0 or newer will still be able to count on such support. It is worth noting that while Android 8.0 is from 2017so it’s almost 7 years old, that’s all the premiere of iOS 16 took place in 2022. This means that if someone still uses an old iPhone and cannot count on an update to iOS 16 or newer, they will not be able to use the mBank application.

mBank will disable the application

mBank did not provide the exact date when its mobile application will stop working. For the Android version, he only circled the time frame, i.e at the turn of April and May 2024. In the case of the iOS application, there is only information that the application will be disabled for devices with older versions of iOS. The bank justifies its decision to disable the application for devices with older software versions for the safety of their clients’ money.

In order to continue using the mBank mobile application after introducing the announced changes, you must: update the software on your smartphone to iOS 16.0 or later or to Android 8.0 or later.

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