mBank zapłaci klientom nawet 520 zł. Zasady są banalne

mBank will pay customers up to PLN 520. The rules are trivial

mBank is running a promotion under which, by opening a personal account, customers will receive up to PLN 520 in bonuses. How exactly? We explain.

mBank continues to promote its eKonto for individual customers, and thanks to this, the bank's customers can win up to PLN 520 in bonuses in cash.

You just have to hurry, because the campaign lasts until April 2, 2024. In addition, it has certain restrictions, namely it does not cover people who already had an account at mBank after January 1, 2020. But everyone else can try.

mBank and eKonto with a bonus of PLN 520 – how to get it?

You should start by signing up for the promotion and opening an account using this link. It is important to do it using a selfie or e-ID, which increases the final bonus.

Within 7 days of opening the ROR account, it must be topped up with a minimum amount of PLN 1,000, easiest by transfer from an existing account in another bank, and by the end of the next month, make at least 8 cashless transactions with Blik or card.

At this stage, the bank will charge a bonus of PLN 100 in cash just for opening an account and an additional PLN 220 if it is done via a mobile device or the already mentioned ID card with an electronic layer.

Going further, thanks to maintaining the thresholds for deposits and non-cash transactions, mBank will charge PLN 50 each in the following months. The final sum will be: PLN 100 + PLN 220 + 2x PLN 50, i.e. exactly PLN 420.

However, if by the end of the month after opening the eAccount, an eKonto Junior is created, intended for a child under 13 years of age, mBank will add another PLN 100. Total: PLN 520.

>> Create an eKonto with a bonus of PLN 520 <<

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