mBank will block customers' money.  There will be difficulties

mBank will block customers’ money. There will be difficulties

Do you have an account at mBank? Plan some operations before the weekend, because the bank will carry out modernization on the night from Saturday to Sunday until the morning. Some services will not work.

Modernization of systems in banks and the related restrictions in the availability of services routine activities and there is nothing disturbing about it. However, not everyone knows about planned breaks, but they may unpleasant surprise.

mBank announces a break for this weekendor more precisely – on Sunday.

We want to provide you with the highest quality services and solutions. For this reason, we need to modernize our systems, therefore from February 17 to 18 this year. you will not use some services at the bank

– stated in the bank’s announcement.

The good news is that mBank I don’t plan to turn it off completely card payments, although he warns that they may occur during work temporary difficulties.

mBank reassures you that you will be able to pay by card for fuel, in a restaurant or for purchases in a store or withdraw cash at an ATM. There may be something to it after all time problem – then don’t panic.

You also need to remember to have the right ones account balance associated with the card. During the break will not be able to be refilled this bill. It will also not be possible to make card payments online. This restriction will last for quite a long time because until Sunday morning. If someone in the morning comes up with the great idea of ​​browsing online stores, he or she may encounter difficulties. You will also not be able to log in to the mobile application, so customers will not be able to use, for example, BLIK payments.

So if you have an account at mBank, then at night February 17 to 18 2024 in hours 2:30 – 10:00: :

  • you won’t pay for online shopping,
  • you won’t log in to your online account and in the mobile applicationyou will not submit any application.

mBank also reminds that during the technical break, mLinia consultants do not have access to customer data.

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