mBank podwyższa ceny. Wiele opłat znacząco rośnie

mBank has new fees. BLIK will no longer be free

mBank informed about upcoming changes in the table of fees and commissions. Higher prices are coming.

mBank customers must prepare for price increases. The bank informed that the table of fees and commissions will change in the next few weeks. This is related to the rising prices of goods and services, which also translates into higher service costs incurred by mBank.

mBank increases prices

The changes will be implemented on April 3, 2024. The prices of ATM withdrawals will increase significantly. The bank is also increasing the minimum amount of inflows into the account at which no account fees will be charged, which may mean an increase in costs for many people. What exactly will change?

  • mBank excludes Euronet and Santander Bank Polska ATMs from its network (except those located directly in branches).
  • Withdrawals from ATMs outside the mBank network will cost PLN 5 for all account types.
  • For most customers, mBank increases the minimum free withdrawal threshold from ATMs from PLN 100 to PLN 300.
  • Customers using eKonto 13-24 opportunities will also have a minimum withdrawal threshold of PLN 100, but it will be collected only after they turn 18.
  • The fee for the withdrawal service from all ATMs will increase from PLN 9 to PLN 18.
  • The fee will increase from PLN 7 to PLN 10 per month for a personal eKonto card (the terms of fee exemption do not change).
  • The fee for the Mastercard Gold PayPass card will increase from PLN 9.99 to PLN 18 (the terms of the fee exemption do not change).
  • It will increase from 7 to 10 thousand. the sum of inflows that will be required to avoid charging fees for mKonto Intensive (the second, optional condition for exemption from the account fee, i.e. the total sum of deposits and investments placed in the bank, remains unchanged – it is still a minimum of PLN 100,000).
  • There will be a commission fee for withdrawals at the store’s checkout (cashback) of PLN 2.

But that’s not all. Additionally, on June 4, 2024, mBank is introducing a fee for BLIK withdrawals from ATMs. It will be the same as for a card payment.

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