mBank cofa się do średniowiecza. Kredyt 0% i terminy sprzed setek lat

mBank goes back to the Middle Ages. 0% loan and terms from hundreds of years ago (update)

To err is said to be human, but the bank should be expected to be more careful. One of mBank's clients has just found out that the interest on his mortgage loan is 0%, but he should have paid the installments several hundred years ago.

mBank went back to the Middle Ages, literally. To confirm these words, we have an article published by Lawless manwhich describes the case of a client of this bank who took out a loan there mortgage loan with variable interest rate. In such a situation, the borrower from time to time, usually every few months, receives an update of the repayment schedule, which takes into account the current interest rate and provides the amount of the next installments.

The man described in this story also received such an update of the repayment schedule and may have had very mixed feelings when he read the content of the document. Its beginning was very optimistic. It turned out that his current mortgage interest rate is round 0%. This is what it looks like in the published fragment of the document:

mBank mortgage loan 0%

It is also worth paying attention to the loan amount as much as PLN 402 million. This is 650 times more than the actual amount of the loan. Things get even more interesting next. First, the interest rate change date looks like this: 24-20-0000. In turn, the repayment dates for subsequent installments date back to the Middle Ages (and slightly later eras). Below is a fragment of the new repayment schedule received by the BezPrawk reader.

mBank mortgage loan schedule

Apparently something bad has been happening at mBank lately. A repayment schedule like the one shown above should never be provided to a bank client. Is it possible that no one monitors the sent correspondence?

It is worth mentioning a few previous “mishaps” here. These include, for example, a “mistake” that resulted in the debiting of one customer's account with the amount of almost PLN 2 million, or the blocking of a customer's account because she wanted to identify herself with a passport and not an ID card. To this must be added the recent turmoil surrounding the April increases, when it turned out that they did not apply to Ukrainian citizens.

I would also add something from my own “backyard”. When my credit card expired last August, mBank supposedly sent me a new one earlier, but it never arrived. After the intervention, they agreed to send a new one, but wanted to charge an extra fee for it. Another time it turned out that the account balance presented in the mBank mobile application does not have to be true (yes, this is information from the mBank hotline).


We received a comment from mBank regarding incorrect repayment schedules sent to customers. It turns out there were almost 50 of them.

The case is known to us. It concerns 48 customers to whom we have already resent the schedule and an apology letter. Regardless of the paper versions, customers can always check the current schedule on the transaction website (products tab, then loans, then mortgage loan) if they have any doubts.

– said Emilia Kasperczak from mBank

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