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May weekend 2024. You will pay less for fuel at these stations

On the occasion of the upcoming May weekend, several stations have prepared promotions, under which you can refuel at a slightly lower price.

Last year, during the holidays, several gas stations launched seasonal promotions. Thanks to this, we were able to fill up with fuel at prices that were several dozen cents lower for almost the entire summer. We can expect a similar initiative this year. Moreover, the stations are already starting promotions on the occasion of the May weekend.

Orlen Vitay

In the case of Orlen, the promotion lasts from April 26 to May 5. Thanks to it, we can pay 30 cents less per liter of fuel (40 cents in the case of Large Family Card holders). However, there are limitations. First, you must have an Orlen Vitay card (e.g. in the application). Moreover, during this time, you can take advantage of the lower price a maximum of two times, each time filling up to 50 liters. Thus, we can save up to PLN 30-40.


The promotion was also prepared by the AMIC network. At these stations, the promotion started today (April 30) and will last until May 5. We will pay 30 cents less per liter for fuel (5 cents in the case of LPG).


And in the case of the Moya chain, the promotion is also ongoing. In this network, we will pay 20 cents less for fuel per liter if we have an account in the Super Moya application. Additionally, it is necessary to buy a hot dog or coffee.

Circle K

The promotion at Circle K stations also starts today (April 30). It will last until May 5. Thanks to this, we will pay 30 cents less per liter for fuel (10 cents in the case of LPG). Importantly, you can take advantage of the promotion any number of times, but only if you refuel with at least 20 liters and no more than 50 liters.


Another network that has prepared a promotion for the May weekend is PB. However, in this case it is only valid on Saturday (May 4). On that day, petrol and diesel will be cheaper by 30 cents per liter, and LPG by 10 cents, as long as we fill up with a maximum of 50 liters.


In turn, in the MOL network, the discount is 10 groszy per liter in the case of basic fuels and 15 groszy per liter when refueling with premium fuel. To take advantage of the promotion, you must have an active account in the MOL Move application. The promotion can be used a maximum of 3 times.

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