Mastercard gra z WOŚP. eSkarbonki już działają i biją rekordy

Mastercard plays with WOŚP. eSkarbonki are breaking new records

In just a few days, the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will take place, which this time raises money to fight lung diseases after the pandemic. One form of support is the use of e-Picker boxes, of which over 24,000 have already been set up and over PLN 4.5 million have been donated.

Next Sunday, January 28, 2024will be held 32. Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This time the goal of the collection is purchase of equipment for the diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of lung diseases of patients in pulmonary departments for children and adults. To join the collection, you can traditionally add a brick to the cans of volunteers whom you will meet on the streets that day throughout Poland and abroad. Another way is using eSkarbonkipowered by Mastercardenabling donations to be made to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity via the Internet, without leaving home. During the previous WOŚP Finale, almost half of the donations were received electronically.

People who want to get even more involved in helping can create your own eSkarbonka and Send the link to it to your loved ones and friendsencouraging them to join the group of donors. Such a “virtual box” can be set up by anyone who wants to help – individually, together with friends or, for example, the entire company with other employees – according to Mastercard’s motto: Help with a full team. Priceless. To do this, just visit the website and fill out a short form.

Currently, there is a total amount on the main eSkarbonka account over PLN 4.5 million. Donations can be made via individual e-Picker boxes set up by iVolunteers or using the main e-Picker box on the website Payments via eSkarbonek will be collected until January 29, 2024, until the end of the day. So far, as of 2018, founded over 100 thousand e-Pickers powered by Mastercard, with which money was collected for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finals over PLN 59 million.

Mastercard eSkarbonka 32

It will also take place on the day of the Final special action on the X platform (formerly Twitter). This year, however, its mechanism has changed. Using a hashtag #MastercardGrazWOSP everyone will be able to indicate the e-Piggy Bank which, in his opinion, Mastercard should top up with a payment of PLN 10,000 on the day of the Final. Just add the hashtag mentioned above in the post link to eSkarbonka and justify in an interesting and creative way why this particular collection deserves recognition. Mastercard will fund 30 ePiggybankswhich the jury will choose from those indicated by the users of the X platform. More information can be found at this address. In total, since the beginning of the initiative, thanks to X/Twitter users, Mastercard has donated to the Orchestra’s collections over PLN 2 million.

Every year, Poles prove that the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Finale is a celebration of joy and kindness. We are still happy to be part of this extraordinary initiative, enabling everyone willing to help remotely via e-Pickers powered by Mastercard. Previous years have shown that they are a necessary and popular form of collecting money. During last year’s Final, over 300,000 people contributed to the virtual donation using easy and safe online payments.

– said Marta Życińska, general director of the Polish branch of Mastercard Europe

An additional attraction awaits those who top up their eSkarbonki account with a Mastercard card on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) – the opportunity to take part in an online game on Instagram. Thanks to a special filter, the player, by moving his head appropriately, will have to collect as many hearts as possible into his can, while avoiding obstacles.

As every year, employees of the Warsaw Mastercard office live by the slogan “helping with a full team”established their own Staff of the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which counts this year over 60 people. On Sunday, they will collect money on the streets of Warsaw and online.

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