Rekord ciepła marzec

March was record hot. This is the 10th such month

It's only been warmer for the last 10 months. Both global air and ocean temperatures reached their highest levels on record this month, the European Union's climate agency Copernicus said.

The weather has only been warmer globally for the past ten months. And it's record warmer. Since June last year, our planet has broken its heat records for a given month every month.

According to Copernicus data, the average temperature in March 2024 was 14.14 degrees Celsius, exceeding the previous record set in 2016 by one tenth of a degree. At the same time it was average 1.68 degrees Celsius warmer than at the end of the 19th centuryi.e. in the period before the rapid increase in the burning of fossil fuels.

Record on seas and oceans

According to ABC News, scientists say there will be record heat during this time were not entirely surprising due to the strong El Nino. The phenomenon warmed the central Pacific and changed global weather patterns.

Combined with unnatural heat waves over the seas and oceans, the record was broken again. Global sea surface temperatures averaged 21.07 degrees Celsius in March, which is the highest monthly value on record.

As El Nino weakens, there should be fewer records, say scientists. But they also add that this does not change the fact that the Earth's average temperature will continue to rise can be very disturbing for our future.

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