Zrób potwora ze starego telewizora. I to za śmieszne pieniądze

Make a monster out of an old TV. And for ridiculous money

Continuing the theme of the Choice Day sale on AliExpress, it is worth paying attention to the Mecool KD5 set-top box.

The topic of cheap TV set-top boxes has recently become quite controversial. Mainly thanks to Rockchip and AllWinner, which were accused of installing malware on such devices. Following suit, the American EEF is even calling for a ban on their sale. But what should someone do if they still want to update their old TV with smart functions?

The most obvious answer is: invest in an attachment from a well-known company. However, contrary to appearances, this solution also has its drawbacks. Top-shelf equipment, such as Apple TV or Nvidia Shield TV, costs several hundred zlotys, so it is difficult to recommend it in the category of economic solutions.

Mecool KD5 for approximately PLN 135

From this perspective, it may be an interesting solution Mecool KD5, an inexpensive adapter like its Chinese competitors, but based on the Amlogic S805X2 chip. This system, manufactured in a 12 nm lithographic process, handles the most popular SVOD applications quite neatly. At the same time, the hardware supports decoding AV1 material in resolution up to 1080p – although the adapter itself even generates 4K images – and we will not find any disturbing reports about it.

Importers in Poland charge over PLN 300 for Mecool KD5, but the fact is that we can usually import this equipment from AliExpress for up to half the price. Meanwhile, in the current Choice Day promotion at this address, you will find the gadget at an even better offer, priced at approximately PLN 135. In addition, it comes with free shipping and a European power supply plug, which is not so obvious.


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