Majority of Android users are two years behind despite Android 13 breakthrough

Android 13 makes a small breakthrough to occupy 15% of the Android fleet by the end of the 2023 semester, around 10 points more than in January. Android 11 remains the most used version, however.

We probably won’t tell you anything by saying that Android 13 is the latest stable version of the mobile operating system pushed by Google. And while Android 14 is being refined in beta to be ready by the start of the school year, more and more smartphones (and tablets) are running on Android 13.

Thus, after a good start already observed last January, the 13 T “Tiramisu” version gained further ground in the first half of 2023. Android 13 now represents 15% of the Android fleet compared to 5.2% at the start of the year. This is what can be observed in the data from Android Studio, the official tool allowing developers to bring their applications to Google’s OS.

Android 13 at the foot of the podium

Note that the data in question was updated on May 30, 2023. One question remains: which version of Android is the most used in the world? The first place is still occupied by Android 11 R which takes 23.1% of the park despite a slight drop (24.4% in January). In other words, the majority of Android users are two years behind — Android 11 rolled out in 2020 versus Android 13 in 2022.

For its part, Android 13 T goes from fifth to fourth place in the ranking, thus ahead of Android 9 Pie.

Google still has a long way to go to silence the more or less justified criticisms of Android fragmentation. However, the Mountain View firm and the various actors involved in the process are showing encouraging signs of improvements in this exercise.

Also remember that the version of Android your smartphone is running on only represents part of your software experience. Many smartphones take advantage of manufacturer interfaces that do not wait for Android updates to offer new features. Also, more and more brands are trying to maintain software tracking for security patches a few years after they stop offering the latest versions of Android on a device.

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