liquidation of stocks before the big departure

The smartphone empire suffers an earthquake in France. Oppo, the Chinese giant, is packing, preparing for its potential exit from the French market. But what does this transition mean for consumers? As dusk descends on Oppo in France, a boon for bargain hunters seems to be on the horizon.

There is something dark in the air for Oppo in France. The company, once a colossus of the smartphone industry, is facing headwinds. Oppo, which is currently at the center of a legal dispute with Nokia over licenses relating to 4G and 5G, seems to be preparing its withdrawal from the French market.

A scenario that does not bode well for the future of the brand on French soil. Indeed, several clues point to an imminent conclusion: cessation of new product launches, departure of the director of the French entity and a large part of the team, testimonials from various sellers affirming that Oppo France is in the process of pack his case.

Remaining inventory is being cleared

That said, the company has yet to draw the curtain on all of its products. The remaining stocks are being liquidated, especially during sales periods. For example, we saw an Oppo A74 5G sold at an unbeatable price in a Super U near Nantes: 89.70 euros instead of 299 euros, a discount of more than 70%. Note that this same smartphone still sells for more than 200 euros on Amazon France.

Despite Oppo’s unenviable situation in France, customer support and product support would be maintained. This is a statement from Oppo itself, which thus assures customers of the durability of their purchases. Oppo is, after all, one of the biggest smartphone makers globally and continues to grow outside of France. As for software updates, it is almost certain that these will be provided. In the case of the Oppo A74, it’s a good plan given the significant discount.

This raises an interesting question: is there an opportunity to be seized in this gloomy situation for Oppo? The adage that you always have to look on the bright side of things, even when things are going badly, seems applicable here. Take advantage of the summer sales to take a look at Oppo offers. Several of their smartphones have been tested by us and many of them are of high quality.

It might be time for tech lovers and bargain hunters to take advantage of some great deals on Oppo products before the curtain falls for good. Whatever the fate of Oppo in France, these smartphones may prove to be a boon not to be missed for savvy consumers.

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