“Lightness” above all for this electric mountain bike with great performance

More and more mountain bikes are starting to integrate the Bosch Performance Line SX engine: lightweight, the Conway Ryvon is one of them and aims for high performance with premium components.

Mountain biking is going through a prosperous era. After the off-roader disowned electric, it adopted it at such speed that it’s almost difficult to keep up with the new models. In the current proliferation of e-MTBs, we had perhaps forgotten the small Conway brand, offering a fine novelty, the Ryvon.

A discreet Bosch system but with mandatory removable charging

We say fine, because in the slew of models with a massive size, this Conway Ryvon plays the lightweight frame card, in carbon of course. Fully suspended, the German electric bike has opted for the recent Bosch Performance Line SX motor, a compact version of the CX. Smaller and lighter, it still sends up to 55 Nm to the crankset to guarantee great assistance, with the responsiveness of the torque sensor that we know.

The battery is also very discreet, with its 400 Wh of capacity in the diagonal tube, the flap of which is magnetically attached to the upper tube when recharging. Moreover, this will be mandatory since there is no grip on the bike – this provides better rigidity to the frame.

Four versions for the Conway Ryvon

Far from being a single model, the Conway Ryvon is available in four versions: LT 4.0, ST 4.0, LT 10.0 and ST 10.0. If everyone opts for a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear wheel – classic for e-MTBs – the tires on the 4.0 models are Schwalbe, less efficient than the Maxxis DHR2 on the 10.0.

The suspensions are also better on the LT (“Long Travel” supplied by Fox Float The same goes for the hydraulic brakes with 4-piston calipers, which are entitled to larger diameters Tektro Slate or DH-R in LT and Magura MT5/MT7 in ST.

A VTTAE under 6,500 euros, basic

No details however on the SRAM transmission, we will wait for the availability of the model which still remains unknown. The price is not indicated on the official website, but starts at 6,499.95 euros for the Conway Ryvon ST 4.0, to exceed 10,000 euros for LT 10.0. The weight varies from 17.6 to 20.4 kg depending on the version, i.e. in the low range of e-MTBs.

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Opposite the Bosch SX, it is the Focus Jam² SL (Fazua 60, 430 Wh engine, SRAM NX Eagle 12 speed), Commençal Meta SX or the Saturn 11 Swift and Saturn 14 Swift from Nicolai Bicycles which will finally have competition .

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