Lighter electric bikes with increased autonomy thanks to this new Bosch motor

Bosch has just unveiled its new motors and batteries for the 2024 model year, which will come to electric bicycles (VAE) from the end of 2023. On the program: lighter bicycles, with increased autonomy, and even more connected, with new features that are very practical on a daily basis.

Every year, the specialist in electrically assisted bicycles (VAE), Bosch, develops its range of motors, batteries and accessories. This year again, the German equipment manufacturer is full of novelty.

A new ultra-light engine

We start with a brand new engine, called Performance Line SX as we can read in the dedicated press release. This one is the ” new benchmark for lightweight e-bikes » according to Bosch. On the program: an excellent weight/power ratio with a weight contained at 4 kg for the whole system (with battery included) and 2 kg for the motor alone. Be careful however, other equipment manufacturers produce lighter engines, with in particular 1.3 kg on the scale at Hyena.

The German manufacturer promises pedaling similar to that of a traditional bicycle thanks to finely tuned assist power. It is intended to be mounted on light e-MTBs, Gravel electric bikes but also Urban.

Another novelty of the Performance Line SX engine: the pedaling resistance has been reduced by 50% compared to other engines in the range. This means that beyond 25 km/h, when the engine is deactivated and you have to pedal with all your strength, pedaling will be less difficult.

Very high power

The maximum power available is 600 watts (250 watts continuous rated power), with a maximum torque of 55 Nm and a power-to-weight ratio of 300 watts per kg. Autonomy is not left out either, with the new CompactTube 400 battery, which is the lightest of the entire range. Bosch announces 2 kg with a capacity of 400 Wh. We can expect a range of around 100 km with this capacity.

It is also possible to couple it with an external PowerMore 250 battery weighing 1.6 kg for 250 Wh to increase the autonomy of the bike. This battery then takes the form of a gourd to be installed on the frame.

No more shifting gears

Bosch hasn’t stopped there, and Active Line and Active Line Plus drives are now part of the intelligent system (Bosch Smart System). This allows, ad, the equipment that ” Thanks to the concept of sensitive sensors, the new motorizations react precisely to pedaling and thus ensure smooth starts ».

The Bosch Intelligent System gets even smarter, with the arrival of eShift electric gear change. More concretely, this allows, for VAE equipped with a transmission integrated into the hub, to automatically change the gear ratio according to the effort provided by the cyclist. It is then the bike that takes care of everything.

new batteries

New batteries are also appearing, with the PowerPack 400 Frame, which is fixed to the frame, and which is lighter than the existing models (2.2 kg). Those that attach to the luggage rack (PowerPack 400 and 500 Rack) are also changing with improved anti-theft protection.

All batteries compatible with Bosch’s intelligent system now incorporate the DualBattery function. This makes it possible to connect two batteries together, to double the autonomy of the electric bike. A new charger also makes its appearance (2A Charger), lighter and smaller than the 4A Charger, but less powerful, which will result in a recharge time halved.

Even more connected bikes

A new screen has appeared: Kiox 500, 40% larger than the Kiox 300, with a diagonal of 2.8 inches and a color display. The new Purion 200 remote control plays the role of two in one: control and display.

As for the eBike Flow application, welcome new features are appearing. The Flow+ subscription will arrive, with the eBike Alarm and eBike Lock functions. It will cost 4.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year, with the first 12 months free. The application will also allow (and free of charge) to customize the display of the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 screens.

We can thus read on the press release that “ sporty eBike riders can display pedaling cadence, average speed and maximum speed, while touring enthusiasts can select information about distance, gradient or range”. Very convenient.

All these new hardware and software will be gradually integrated during the year 2023, between summer and standalone as can be read in the third press release.

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