Lidl kusi, by sięgnąć do portfela. Masz czas do 28 kwietnia

Lidl tempts you to reach for your wallet. You have until April 28

Lidl announces spring. The offer includes a robot that will make your lawn always look perfect.

As announced on April 22, Lidl introduced garden tools and equipment to its stores that will make gardening easier and ensure comfortable rest when everything is ready. Readers will certainly be interested in the fact that the offer includes a mowing robot from the popular Parkside brand in Poland.

Parkside mowing robot in Lidl

For the grass to mow itself – this is the dream of many lovers of beautiful lawns who do not necessarily like to walk around with a mower. Lidl offers an intelligent mowing robot that can be controlled using a mobile application. From Monday, April 22 to Sunday, April 28, you can buy it for as much as PLN 400 cheaper! The price has been reduced to PLN 1,599.

Lidl mowing robot

The robot is equipped with a powerful rear drive, which allows it to mow areas with an inclination of 25°, an obstacle sensor, 2 individual working time programs for each day of the week and a rain sensor. The grass will be taken care of by a system of 3 knives, rotated by an innovative brushless motor. The structure is topped with an LCD display. In addition, you will avoid raking because the robot has a mulching function – it chops and scatters the cut grass, thus obtaining a natural fertilizer.

While mowing, household members can rest. A portable refrigerator with a capacity of 29 liters, powered from a 230 V socket or from the car's cigarette lighter socket (12 V) will be useful here. You can have it for PLN 50 cheaper – for PLN 199. It will definitely be perfect for a May barbecue.

Portable refrigerator in Lidl

For this occasion, Lidl also offers a garden armchair with or without a footrest (prices are PLN 149, 199 and 269), an aluminum balcony set for PLN 329.40 and a side awning 160 × 300 cm for PLN 239.40.

Of course, the mowing robot is just the beginning of the spring offer. From April 22, you can also buy the Parkside electric trimmer at Lidl for only PLN 89, a 3000 W petrol lawn mower for PLN 899 or an electric lawn mower with a 2000 W engine for PLN 799.

You can decorate your terrace or plot with LED light decorations, which you can also buy at Lidl.

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