Lidl znów kusi majsterkowiczów. Przydatne narzędzia w świetnej cenie

Lidl tempts DIY enthusiasts again. Useful tools at a great price

Lidl has published a new leaflet with a lot of power tools that will help you take care of your garden and yard. Some of the devices will be available at a really low price.

Lidl has released a new leaflet in which you will find many useful tools. This time the offer includes devices that will help us take care of the greenery in our garden and yard. Of course, there was plenty typical workshop items. No wonder Lidl chose such an assortment, as we are getting closer to spring.

Lidl is selling workshop tools

Some of the assortment from the latest Lidl leaflet will appear on Thursday, March 21. Then we will be able to buy petrol chainsaw for PLN 499 and a petrol saw for tree care for PLN 399. What’s more, the 1300 W electronic water pump will be available for up to PLN 100 cheaper, but only online. However, the real promotions will start two days later, i.e on Saturday, March 23. That’s when the offer will be discounted by PLN 70 router with a power of 1200 W. We will pay PLN 179 for the device.

It will be available for PLN 199 20 V cordless drill/driver with eight HSS drills and screw-in bits. Typically, the device costs PLN 80 more. A similar promotion includes an 800 W impact hammer drill, which we can get for PLN 169 after a discount.

Slightly more modest promotions, only PLN 20, apply to products such as a 160 W universal sander with a dust container (PLN 79) and a 4 V cordless stapler (PLN 59.90).

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