Lidl sells smart batteries

Lidl sells smart batteries

Lidl has released a new leaflet in which we can find a lot of equipment that will be of interest to DIY enthusiasts. The promotion starts at the beginning of next month.

Lidl is updating its offer and entering the new month with a bang. The assortment will include a lot of useful tools, and some of the most interesting promotions include chargers and batteries. There were also smart devices.

Lidl is selling batteries

The popular Lidl store chain has released its new leaflet, in which we can find a lot of interesting promotions that will be valid from March 2. You will be able to buy a lot of workshop equipment at promotional prices, including sets of batteries and chargers from the Parkside Performance series. You can get a 20 V, 8 Ah smart battery for PLN 20 cheaper. We will therefore pay PLN 279 for it. A similar promotion also covers its cheaper colleague, the 20 V, 4 Ah smart battery. In this case, there is also a discount of PLN 20, and the final price is PLN 179.

Cordless tools are convenient because they are not limited by a cable, but they need to be charged. The 20 V charger supporting the previously mentioned batteries will also be on sale, and the discount will again be PLN 20. The rated power of the charger is 120 W, and the charging time for a 20 V, 4 Ah battery is approximately 60 minutes. The device will cost PLN 59.90.

It is worth mentioning that Parkside Performance series devices can be connected via Bluetooth to the application and control the settings via it.

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