Lidl szaleje. Taką wyprzedaż można zrobić raz na 5 lat

Lidl is going crazy. Such a sale can be made once every 5 years

The Lidl Polska online store celebrates its 5th anniversary. On this occasion, customers can enjoy attractive discounts on the entire range, which includes a wide range of electronics at low prices. The campaign lasts from April 22 to May 5, 2024.

Importantly, the birthday promotion is combined with existing discounts. Thanks to this, you can get the PARKSIDE® PMRDA 20-Li B2 mowing robot for only PLN 1,499 (PLN 500 cheaper). As the manufacturer describes, the device can be operated using a special application. The robot is suitable for lawns up to 1,000 square meters. It also has 3 adjustable area modes and up to two individually programmable operating times for each day of the week.

Also important are the rain sensor, the 3-knife system with a central knob for adjusting the cutting height, and the rear-wheel drive that can overcome slopes of up to 25 degrees. Additionally, it also features an obstacle and boundary inclination sensor, a charging station and a lithium-ion battery. To receive an additional discount (the robot is currently discounted at PLN 1,599), enter the code “RABAT100” – it works for purchases over PLN 700.

There is also something for DIY enthusiasts

This is not the only attraction that can be included in the double promotion. DIY enthusiasts may like the Metabo BS 18 cordless screwdriver with 2 batteries and charger. It is a light and handy drill/driver for various uses. The weight with the battery is only 1.3 kilograms. By using the code “RABAT50” we can save PLN 50 on all purchases over PLN 500. Combined with the current discount from PLN 563.99 to PLN 498.65, we will pay a total of less than PLN 450 for this screwdriver with the addition of a small item worth at least PLN 2.

However, if you only care about this screwdriver, you can still take advantage of an additional promotion. By using the code “RABAT25” (valid for all purchases over PLN 300), an additional discount of PLN 25 will be charged. Of course, these codes also work with products not covered by the regular promotion. Thanks to this, you can get, among others, the popular “lidlomix”, i.e. the SILVERCREST® Termorobot MC Smart food processor, for PLN 100 cheaper, for example in the black version.

The discount campaign lasts from April 22 to May 5 this year. To take advantage of the discount, enter the discount code in the basket. Details of the offer are available at

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