Lidl takiej promocji jeszcze nie miał. Zaczyna się 13 maja

Lidl has not had such a promotion yet. It starts on May 13

Lidl has prepared a promotion for its extremely popular equipment. We are talking about the Monsieur Cuisine Smart food processor, commonly known as Lidlomix. What's more, you can buy it in a unique edition.

Thermomix is ​​extremely popular in Poland. In 2023 alone, Poles bought over 232,000. copies of this device. One of the major competitors of the Vorwerk device is Monsieur Cuisine Smart, i.e. the so-called Lidlomix. In a moment, you will be able to buy it not only at a lower price, but also in a unique edition.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart Black Edition promotion

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart food processor will soon be available for purchase at a reduced price of PLN 500. Thanks to this, Lidlomix will cost PLN 1,999 instead of the standard PLN 2,499. As if that wasn't enough, a limited edition of the Black Edition device, i.e. a black color version, will be on sale.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart Black Edition Lidlomix promotion

The device offers, among others, 15 automatic programs, including kneading, cutting vegetables, fermenting, steaming and mixing. In addition, the robot has a meal planner, allows you to create a shopping list and offers over 600 free recipes that are constantly updated via WiFi.

The offer for Monsieur Cuisine Smart Black Edition appeared in the latest Lidl leaflet, which is valid from next week, i.e. May 13. Lidlomix will probably be available at a reduced price from this date. Importantly, the offer only applies to online purchases on the Lidl website.

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