Lidl ma kolejny hit AGD. Tylko dziś w supercenie

Lidl has another household appliance hit. Only today at a great price

Lidl continues to satisfy those who love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. This time, instead of the famous lidlomix, he gave a great offer on other equipment from this category.

It's not an MC thermometer, but it's something that should be in every kitchen. Especially at this time of year, when fruit and vegetables are practically at our fingertips.

The promotion is valid only today, June 12, so you should hurry up with your decision. We will pay for the equipment PLN 219 (regular price is PLN 319). Available in the Lidl online store.

Lidl juicer

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Slow Juicer SSJ 300 B2, 300 W

Power: 300 W
Capacity: 600 ml
Speed: 60 rpm – low speed ensures exceptionally gentle juicing

The device effectively will squeeze juice even from the hardest vegetables, such as carrots, beets and cabbage. It's easy to take apart, which is why cleaning this device is extremely quick. In addition, some people may be happy that the accessories (except the cleaning brush) dishwasher safe.

Slow juicer

Lidl juicer parts

Set contains: juicer, insert for preparing sorbets, juice container, peel container, pusher and cleaning brush.

The equipment is covered by a 3-year warranty and free delivery from the online store.

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