Lenovo’s portable console is more inspired by the Switch than the Steam Deck

The first images of the Lenovo Legion Go reveal a portable console with a philosophy close to the Nintendo Switch. The console even offers detachable controllers.

The success of the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck paved the way for a real modern handheld console market. The philosophy is generally the same: a fairly large central screen, joysticks on the sides and great ease of use. In particular, we were able to discover from the ROG Ally from Asus which rather convinced us.

Since the end of July, we have been hearing about the Lenovo Legion Go, the Chinese PC giant’s response to this new handheld console market. The website WindowsReport was able to get his hands on footage of the device. These are images intended for the communication of the product, which points to an upcoming announcement. We can imagine a presentation for Gamescom, scheduled for August 23 to 27, or for the IFA in Berlin, from September 1 to 5.

Detachable joysticks

In terms of design, the Lenovo Legion Go looks broadly similar to a Steam Deck. We see a large screen in the front, joysticks on each side. Unlike the ROG Ally, Lenovo places a touchpad on the front to navigate the system and be used in game. In detail, we notice a menu button located on the left under the directional cross, which could be destabilizing. Additional buttons are arranged on the edges of the controllers and the console seems rather thick as such.

But where the Lenovo Legion Go comes very close to the Nintendo Switch is in the use of detachable controllers. The system looks very similar to Nintendo’s Joy-cons, but Lenovo’s controllers feel more ergonomic and bulky.

The machine should run on Windows 11 and integrate an AMD Phoenix solution, probably close to the Ryzen Z1 Extreme used by ROG Ally.

As on the Nintendo Switch Oled, the Lenovo Legion Go incorporates an adjustable foot taking the width of the console. This is what allows it to stand upright during a gaming session with the Joy-cons detached. This view of the rear of the machine also shows several grilles for ventilation. Hopefully the noise will be well controlled.

Two other additional buttons are located under the joysticks. In all, there are therefore four additional buttons per controller that Lenovo offers on its console.

Zooming in on the upper edge, we believe we can discern a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5 mm jack port for sound and a microSD reader allowing you to install more games.

A mouth-watering tour of the owner. It now remains for Lenovo to formalize this console to really understand the philosophy of the product, and above all to discover its selling price. With a Steam Deck now officially offered from 339 euros, the competition is fierce.

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