Lenovo creates its own robot.  It has six legs

Lenovo creates its own robot. It has six legs

Lenovo announced its first robot years ago. It turns out that they have not abandoned the idea and it is possible that their robot will hit the market in the future.

Lenovo is an electronics manufacturer that is particularly known for selling laptops, personal computers, workstations, servers, mass storage, mobile devices and smart home. Everything indicates that the Chinese company also wants to add robots to its portfolio. One of them was recently presented.

Lenovo shows its robot. He has already won a prestigious award

Lenovo laptop manufacturer he quietly elaborated a six-legged robot called Daystar Bot GS, which is expected to be launched later this year and which is expected to provide “end-to-end data collection”. The new robot appears to be the latest version the original Daystar bot announced in 2020 by Lenovo, although it can be seen that the appearance concept has been significantly changed. The new version of the GS has not been announced anywhere on Lenovo’s official website or social media accounts, however the robot has already won the IF Design Award 2024whose website provides some details.

The robot’s description states that “it is a groundbreaking six-legged design that guarantees unparalleled stability and maneuverability, surpassing traditional robotic platforms and allowing it to easily traverse a variety of terrains.” Despite the fact that the company plans to introduce the robot to the market later this year, still relatively little is known about him. The manufacturer talks about “cutting-edge perception algorithms” and the IP66 certificate. Ultimately, it is to be a device that will enable comprehensive data collection at any place and time.

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