Lenovo potwierdza. Nowa konsola przenośna jest w drodze

Lenovo confirms. A new console is on the way

It seems that portable consoles are not just a passing fad. One of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world sees great potential here.

In recent years, it is clear that the portable game console market is undergoing a renaissance. There is more to choose from Ninendo Switch with typical Japanese titles, but also much stronger Vale Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go and MSI Clawwhich allow you to play PC games.

Lenovo devotes a lot of resources to the Legion Go family

Recently, an event was held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand Lenovo Innovate 2024. This is where the Chinese electronics manufacturer revealed its goals for the laptop market. However, the participating journalists also had the opportunity to exchange a few words and get to know each other future plans for handhelds.

Lenovo Legion Go has been on the market for several months now. And although the heart of the device is the same as the competition – AMD Ryzen Z1 (Extreme), it The Chinese make up for it with the rest of the specifications. We're talking about faster RAM, a better screen, a larger battery and detachable controllers.

In other words, the Chinese proposal is current premium segment in the world of portable consoles. Lenovo clearly wants to maintain this status because the company is already working on the Legion Go 2 model. Unfortunately, no details about specifications or even an approximate release date have been revealed.

Lenovo Legion Go is definitely a product category in which we see great potential and we continue to invest in it. And when the time comes, we are of course planning the next generation to provide even more features.

– Clifford Chong, Lenovo

But the moment of release of the next generation is not entirely dependent on Lenovo itself. Here the need for a new, efficient and energy-saving APU. This will only be possible thanks to new architectures. AMD is the most likely choice and their Zen 5 (CPU) + RDNA 3.5 or RDNA 4 (iGPU).

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