Lamzu Atlantis Pro to wyjątkowa klawiatura magnetyczna

Lamzu Atlantis Pro is a unique magnetic keyboard

It doesn’t matter whether you are an enthusiast of new technologies or are looking for a keyboard with great personalization possibilities. Lamzu Atalantis Pro is the equipment for you.

Thanks to the wide range of computer mice and keyboards available in stores, everyone can find something for themselves. There are both cheap and expensive designs to choose from; aimed at gamers and everyday work. Of course, some manufacturers want to stand out from the competition.

The service life of the switches reaches 100 million clicks

Chinese company Lamzu, known for its rodents aimed at enthusiasts, has unveiled its latest product. Talking about magnetic keyboardwhich focuses on solid workmanship, quiet operation and personalization.

Lamzu Atlantis Pro is a wired keyboard with dimensions of 318 x 109 x 36 millimeters and a weight of 1,250 grams. What we are dealing with here is aluminum housing and ABS covers covered with a layer of silicone. There was plenty inside soundproofing matsand the stabilizers are there factory lubricated.

Lamzu Atlantis Pro is a unique magnetic keyboard

The switches used are a linear solution, based on Hall effect. The required activation force is 40 grams and the total travel is 3.8 mm. However, the user sets the activation point himself – from 0.2 to 3.8 mm – choosing whether a light touch or a complete press of the key is enough.

Lamzu Atlantis Pro is a unique magnetic keyboard

Keyboard reporting rate is 1000 Hz. Of course, there is also backlight here RGB LEDdedicated software, detachable braided USB cable or wrist rests.

Lamzu Atlantis Pro is a unique magnetic keyboard

Lamzu Atlantis Pro has already been available in Polish stores with the price PLN 779, positioning itself in the mid-price range. The first independent reviews of the keyboard speak only superlatives.

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