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Junk from space attacked him? NASA will investigate

Batteries thrown from the International Space Station (ISS) probably “bombed” a house in Florida. NASA has initiated a special investigation to clarify the details of this unusual case.

This story starts quite a long time ago, because three years ago, in 2021. That's when they were almost ejected from the International Space Station A 3-ton pallet of used batteries. If the weight itself does not impress you, imagine a large off-road vehicle. Exactly that the dimensions of this “package”which was released towards Earth.

What went wrong?

What was the plan? According to NASA, clever. The package thrown into space was supposed to reach space after some time Earth's atmosphere, where it should burn up. Yes, she should. Meanwhile, in a building belonging to a resident of Naples, Florida Suddenly, a piece of something heavy hit me what fell from the sky. Importantly, this happened precisely during entry into the atmosphere and “on route” remains of a thrown pallet. And the perpetrator of this confusion it doesn't look like a meteoriteor rather something built by human hands.

As reported by Krzysztof Kurdyła from Nauka on the X/Twitter platform. I like it the visitor from outer space penetrated the roof and the ceiling of the first floorand according to the injured party he almost hit his son, who was at home at the time. In response to this report NASA announced that it had opened an investigation, which will check whether it is indeed a fragment of this palette. As Krzysztof Kurdyła adds, this is another alarming situation the growing problem of garbage and its uncontrolled descent from orbit.

Interestingly, previously such pallets were placed in the holds of Japanese ships deorbited in a controlled manner. But the manufacturer stopped making them some time ago, and none of the currently flying objects has the ability to load such a payload.

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