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Google Bard is now available in France and French. We asked Google’s AI a few questions to put it to the test.

A few weeks after the beginning of the tests in the United States, Google Bard finally arrives in French and in France. It is now possible to access Google’s AI simply from its official site without VPN or any tricks.

So we started asking Google Bard questions, on the same basis as our ChatGPT test.

What is ray tracing?

Our first question is a question of technical definition. We ask Google Bard to explain to us the ray tracing.

The explanations given by Google Bard are both clear and complete. Google’s AI also manages to avoid an overly academic tone, which ChatGPT could be blamed for.

Will Microsoft succeed in buying Activision?

We also wanted to ask Google Bard about a hot topic in the news: Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision Blizzard and the legal pitfalls the giant is encountering. The request : ” Will Microsoft succeed in buying Activision Blizzard? “.

Unlike Microsoft Bing, Google does not cite any sources to explain how its AI arrived at these conclusions. The answer provided is generic enough not to make mistakes, but one can feel that it is not completely up to date, especially when it suggests that Europe has not yet made its decision (the EU has validated the takeover in May 2023).

Google Bard offers other possible answers in a submenu, but these have more errors. For example, the response “Suggestion 2” indicates that Microsoft has “ acquired several major gaming companies, including Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media except that these last two names refer to the same company.

What are the characteristics of the ideal smartphone?

We also asked him: Can you detail the precise technical characteristics of a smartphone that would be considered the ideal smartphone by a majority? “. This question requires a little more imagination to understand that we are not necessarily asking for a smartphone available today, but rather the composite portrait of the ideal or perfect smartphone.

The least we can say is that it does not get too wet with this answer since it does not give any specific characteristics for this ideal smartphone. Moreover, according to Google Bard, a smartphone with a large screen is ideal, which is very subjective.

Google Bard can’t stop talking about Stadia

The question ” what is the Netflix of video games? is very interesting, because it asks the AI ​​to understand the analogy heard by the use of the Netflix brand.

Google Bard can’t resist mentioning Google Stadia as one of the possible answers to the video game Netflix question. Google’s AI obviously didn’t read CssTricks well. Incidentally, Google Stadia is mentioned as an example of a service “ where users can play video games without having to buy them which is precisely what Google Stadia did not offer.

Android vs. iOS?

We asked Google Bard to decide between Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google, and iOS, the one offered by Apple for the iPhone. The good surprise is that Google Bard refuses to decide and is content to recall the strengths and weaknesses of each system.

When we try to push Google Bard to decide, the AI ​​reminds us that it is not a human person, but a simple language model.

Google Bard is able to fabricate in a loop

Last series of questions posed to Google Bard: the creation of a public transport route in Paris passing by a fast food sign on the way. From experience, Microsoft Bing had broken its teeth on the exercise.

Don’t ask Google Bard for directions 🤣

— Cassim Ketfi (@NotCassim) July 13, 2023

Google Bard seems to be trying to offer a route that may seem coherent, but in detail, it is impossible to achieve. The tool invents routes for the Paris metro lines that do not exist and does not manage to question itself.

On the question of a biography of the author of this article, Google Bard gets stuck in the big widths and confuses Cassim Ketfi with Titouan Gourlin, another journalist officiating at CssTricks.

The problem is mostly that Google Bard asserts completely untrue things with aplomb, as ChatGPT did. Only here it is, it is not a simple chatbot launched by a startup, but a tool, “experimental” certainly, launched by the number 1 in research and one of the giants of tech.

Are we convinced by Google Bard?

Difficult to be impressed by the results of these first tests on Google Bard. Like ChatGPT, the answers can look impressive because the tool manages to understand the question being asked and produces an answer that seems complete.

The problem is that the level of confidence in the given answer is once again close to zero. It’s a fun tool to try out when you already know the answers, to make sure it doesn’t stray from the truth. Otherwise, it’s like chatGPT, a tool that must above all be used to generate text, but absolutely not to replace a search engine or the human.

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