its “revolutionary” electric bike is finally available

Added to the Decathlon catalog at the beginning of August 2023, the BTWIN LD 920 E had no available stock at the time. It is now done, in high frame and low frame.

This is probably one of Decathlon’s most successful electric bikes. The BTWIN LD 920 E, which CssTricks was able to take charge last February in its almost final version, is an urban VAE positioned at the top of the range. For 3000 euros, it includes a very interesting technological duo, which particularly convinced us.

In August, the French brand finally added it to its online catalog. The problem was that no stock was available at the time. This is now the case, both for the high frame and low frame versions. Be careful though, the size L of the latter is currently out of stock, but new models should be added soon.

RPM management

Why is this BTWIN LD 920 E not like other Decathlon electric bikes? Because it has an automatic gearbox (CVT) associated with an RPM (Round Per Minute) manager, without forgetting a central motor with a torque of 65 Nm. All these little people make the driving experience relatively new.

Decathlon Long Distance 920 E

Let’s remember what RPM is. This is the Round Per Minute, or the number of revolutions of the crankset in one minute. On the LD 920 E, it is adjustable from 40 to 90. In short: the lower your RPM, the more resistance will be applied to your pedaling. Conversely, the higher the RPM, the less there will be.

To configure it, simply manipulate a small joystick placed on the left part of the handlebars. For its part, the CVT gearbox varies the gear ratios automatically and linearly. You have absolutely nothing to do, everything is turnkey. When we took charge, the promise was promising, and even already successful.

A foot in the urban high end

This BTWIN LD 920 E also marks an offensive like no other from Decathlon: this is the first definitively high-end urban model, which competes with renowned and recognized electric bikes. We think of the Cowboy but also of certain Mustache models, with the difference that a Decathlon VAE has a particular advantage.

Decathlon Long Distance 920 E (1)

Decathlon is indeed a reassuring brand, and incidentally the favorite brand of the French. Its numerous brands, its after-sales service and its guarantees – frame guaranteed for life, handlebars and electrical elements guaranteed for 2 years – naturally tend to attract the general public. We now look forward to trying this model properly to give you a precise opinion.

More affordable models

For the rest of its technical characteristics, we wrote a more detailed article on this subject. And for smaller budgets, know that we recently tried the Decathlon LD 500 E. Sold for 1,500 euros, this model appeals with its dynamism, its very good autonomy, its modern aesthetic lines and its good quality-price ratio.

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