It’s official, the Tesla Cybertruck competitor is arriving in Europe at a great price

Fisker is arriving at the 2023 Munich Motor Show with the Pear, the Ronin and the Alaska. The opportunity to learn more about the brand’s future electric pick-up, and in particular its price.

One month to the day after Fisker’s high mass in Huntington Beach, California, the time has come to make eyes at European customers. This is why Henrik Fisker (the boss) made the trip to the Munich show with the three new products unveiled at the beginning of August: the small SUV Pear, the future super coupe GT Ronin, and the Alaska pick-up.

And the good news is that for their arrival on our side of the Atlantic, the three models tell us more about their specificities, but also about their price. And let’s focus here on the one who didn’t come far from adopting the same surname as the late Renault pick-up (it was the Alaskan, with an “n”), and who could one day find himself to battle against a certain Tesla Cybertruck…

A great price

One thing is certain, it is that Fisker continues the momentum of the Ocean by offering rather attractive prices. And this Alaska pick-up does not escape logic with a base price announced just under 50,000 euros, at 49,900 euros to be exact. This is the price for the German market. If it is also offered here in France, its price positioning should be approximately the same.

Enough to put a little pressure on Elon Musk’s Cybertruck, which we don’t yet know exactly how much it will cost, but which is around $40,000 for the American market, and which therefore could be more expensive than Alaska here. .

Variable loading length

Based on the same FT31 platform as the Ocean SUV, of which it largely borrows the design, the future Alaska aims to be an all-purpose vehicle. Obviously it is its practical aspect that takes precedence, with a loading bed which contains solutions never seen before on vehicles of this type. Like the space which separates the double cabin from the skip itself which can open entirely, allowing very long objects to be brought in.

So the customer will not have to choose between different tipper sizes for their Fisker Alaska, it being modular and offering a loading length of 1.4 meters, 2.3 meters or 2.8 meters depending on the configuration of this which the brand calls the “Houdini dumpster”. In reference to the illusionist obviously.

Nearly 550 km of autonomy

Fisker also specifies that he designed this Alaska pickup to be the lightest and most durable in the world. On the engine side, there will be the choice between two different battery packs:

  • 75 kWh: range of 370 km;
  • 113 kWh: range of 547 km.

Fisker also reminds us on the occasion of the presentation of his Alaska at the Munich show that his wish is that in addition to being practical, he wants his vehicle to also be sporty. This is evidenced by the first figures from 0 to 100 km/h announced: 7.2 seconds for the least powerful version, and 3.9 seconds for the most muscular Alaska.

The Fisker Alaska at the IAA Munich 2023

For those of you who are going to the 2023 Munich Motor Show, know that Fisker is exhibiting its impressive Ronin coupe-convertible at Motorworld, a space dedicated to exceptional automobiles, where the brand has a showroom.

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