To równia pochyła. SSD i RAM znowu znacząco podrożeją

It's a slippery slope. SSD and RAM will become significantly more expensive again

Unfortunately, the coming months will not be a good time to buy SSD or RAM modules. The market is constantly observing increases in contract prices for memory chips.

We don't have good news for people who were planning to build a new or upgrade an old computer in the near future. It seems that previous assumptions about components becoming more expensive turned out to be true – in the first quarter of 2024 we observed increases of up to 28%.

AI companies are hedging against HBM shortage

The latest report from the research group TrendForce reveals estimates for the second quarter of 2024 and, unfortunately, they are much worse than originally expected. It is expected that DRAM memories will increase in price by 13 to 18%, and NAND chips by as much as 15 to 20%. Only in the case of eMMC and UFS the increases will be smaller, “up to 10%”.

And what does this mean for us, consumers? Even more expensive SSD media and RAM modules. We are talking about both the budget segment and solutions aimed at enthusiasts and business. This will also affect laptops, tablets and ready-made computer sets.

It's a slippery slope.  SSD and RAM will become significantly more expensive again

Increases in the memory market have been going on for a long time, we are basically talking about 2-3 quarters in a row. Thus, retail consumers are less and less willing to accept them. This may lead to a decline in market demand and thus the need for DRAM/NAND chip manufacturers to reduce prices.

However, the professional market, especially companies related to artificial intelligence, is in opposition. Here many companies are afraid of the HBM memory shortageplacing larger orders now and wanting to protect themselves against shortages in the third quarter of 2024. Many server rooms are also switching from HDD to SSD.

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