it only costs 2.30 euros per month

In a saturated VPN market, Surfshark manages to stand out by simply offering the VPN at the best value for money at the moment.

Do we necessarily have to pay a high price to ensure that our web browsing is safe and does not suck up our private data? For Surfshark, no. The VPN provider proves it with a colossal discount on its best VPN subscription.

Opting for the two-year Surfshark VPN plan is much more advantageous financially than renewing your subscription every month. We are talking here about a saving of 82% on the monthly subscription. The Surfshark VPN is thus billed at 2.30 euros/month, or 59.76 euros for two years.

Better, Surfshark offers two months of free subscription for any new subscription. Not to mention that a 30-day money-back guarantee is available to get an idea of ​​the quality of the VPN.

Constant security

Despite its low price, Surfshark’s VPN does great service. By securing Internet connections to begin with. The service goes so far as to obfuscate user data, i.e. make it unreadable, so that an Internet service provider does not know whether or not it is using a VPN. Once the service is activated, the user’s data benefits from AES 256 encryption to remain completely confidential. Even a visit to a VPN server is untraceable since Surfshark does not keep any connection logs.

When it comes to security, Surfshark doesn’t stop there. To improve user privacy, an IP rotation option allows you to automatically and regularly modify your IP address, without any disconnection from the server. Another feature: double VPN. The Internet user is simultaneously connected to two VPN servers located in two different countries, with new data encryption at each stage of the navigation. A good way to be virtually untraceable.

The last good security idea from Surfshark is the killswitch. This system automatically blocks Internet access if it detects that the user is suddenly disconnected from their VPN server. Perfect to avoid exposing your personal information in the event of a connection incident.

Fast and ultra-complete

If it makes security its priority, Surfshark nevertheless offers an easy-to-use VPN that makes browsing more pleasant. For example, relocating your Internet connection only takes one click. When launching the application, all you have to do is choose from among the 100 countries accessible throughout the world, so that the connection goes through one of the 3,200 servers in Surfshark’s fleet. Servers that, in some cases, guarantee a speed of 10 Gb/s.

With CleanWeb 2.0, Surfshark ensures that navigation is of exemplary fluidity. Ads are automatically blocked, as are cookie collection messages. A function that makes pages more readable, less greedy in speed or mobile data, and the consumption of streaming content more pleasant (goodbye ads on YouTube). Not to mention that malicious pop-ups, phishing attempts and other malware are victims of CleanWeb 2.0 vigilance.

All of these features put together can slow down the browsing speed. That said, Surfshark has put a solution to reduce this problem: split-tunneling. This option allows you to exclude a website or application from VPN protection. The user can therefore download a game on Steam via his usual Internet connection for example, without the speed being restricted by the VPN connection.

A REALLY economical special offer

Whether it’s browsing safely, watching videos blocked in your country, playing online, or enjoying a secure connection in a public place, Surfshark’s VPN is useful every day.

And its main advantage is undoubtedly its price. Surfshark VPN is simply the best value for money around. The 2-year subscription is thus billed at 2.30 euros monthly, or a total of 59.76 euros after 24 months. And newcomers benefit from a nice gift from Surfshark since it offers two months of additional subscription.

Icing on the cake: Surfshark offers its young customers to test the service for 30 days before refunding the first monthly payment in case of dissatisfaction.

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