it looks like an apple watch

Xiaomi presented the Pro version of its Smart Band 8. It is a connected bracelet with a relatively square screen, which is very reminiscent of the Apple Watch. However, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro is not the only product announced by the brand today.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi made several announcements on Monday August 14: we had the Mix Fold 3, the Pad 6 Max tablet, the CyberDog 2 and now the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro. It is a connected bracelet, an improved version of the Smart Band 8 launched a few months ago.

A connected bracelet that looks a lot like a watch

The main difference between a connected bracelet and a connected watch is often the shape. The bracelet has a fairly elongated screen, to take up the least space on a wrist. The watch often has a square or almost square screen, or even a round one. There, Xiaomi presented a connected bracelet with a relatively square screen, almost approaching a watch, such as an Apple Watch.

Several body colors will be offered: gray and white, with similar strap colors. But these are not the only bracelets that will be marketed: blue and yellow for the silicone, green and blue-violet for the fabric, blue, red and white for the leather and gray for the metal. Enough to customize your Smart Band 8 Pro as much as possible. Xiaomi also intends to offer more than 1000 watch faces on this product.

Still on the design side, the dial is 9.9 mm thick and weighs 22.5 g. A waterproof bracelet since it can be dipped up to 50 meters deep: it is designed in particular for swimming. The body/screen ratio indicated by the brand is 73%.

14 days of autonomy: the promise of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro

Inside the Smart Band 8 Pro, we are entitled to an NFC chip. According to Xiaomi, this can allow you to pay or even unlock a connected lock. As for the screen, it is a 1.74-inch panel with a definition of 480 by 336 pixels, or a resolution of 336 dpi. In Amoled, offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz as well as a maximum brightness of 600 cd / m². We also have something to connect it to its other devices: computer, headphones, tablet.

On the physical activity side, Xiaomi offers more than 150 training modes on the Smart Band 8 Pro, as well as GPS (GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS). The manufacturer adds that it has improved the accuracy of the heart rate monitor by 10% and that of the menstrual cycle by 5%.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro will be released in China at a price of 399 yuan, or 50.48 euros according to the current price. We don’t know if the product will ever be released in France.

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