it incorporates an essential security element for the first time

Unveiled a few days ago, the new restyled Tesla Model 3 continues to make waves. Indeed, a new feature has just appeared on the electric sedan, although it has been in high demand by customers for many years.

It had been a while since thethe arrival of a restyled Tesla Model 3 was mentioned, while Elon Musk was waiting for the right moment. After numerous spyshots and even a very notable ride in France, the sedan was finally revealed a few days ago. It was then officially presented to the general public during the Munich fairwhere we were able to discover it in more detail.

An essential function

In addition to its design, which is greatly modernized, this new version also changes its interior. In total, there are no less than 40 new features on this facelift, which came quite late, after six years of career. Among them, the arrival of a new central console, more comfortable suspensions and even an LED strip in the driving position. Not to mention 15.4 inch touch screen brighter and more comfortable rear seats.

However, the manufacturer had not listed all the changes made to this new version, which will have a lot to do to stay in the race against numerous rivals. Starting with the MG4 which is a hit and which has overtaken it in the ranking of the best European sales. For example, we wondered about the disappearance of the Model 3 Performance and on the on-board computer, which could have evolved.

But now we are still learning new things about the sedan, which competes in particular with the new BYD Seal recently arrived in France. The American site Electrek announces in fact that the latter inaugurates a brand new technology. No, the sedan will not fly, contrary to what Elon Musk announced for his roadster.

In fact, we should rather expect something more down to earth. And for good reason, the restyled Tesla Model 3 is equipped for the very first time *drumroll* ofblind spot detector. And yes, because the sedan did not previously have this functionality, although it has been supplied as standard on many cars on the market for many years.

More than just a light

To tell the truth, the manufacturer has not officially communicated on the arrival of this function, requested for a long time by customers. It is the sedan’s user manual in Europe which gives us this information, while the latter has recently been discreetly updated. Until now, the brand’s cars used the Autopilot system cameras to display the side video feed when the turn signal was activated.

On the Model 3, the device displays the image directly on the central screen of the car when the indicator is activated. The driver can see what is happening behind him, and how far away the car is about to overtake him. But this solution, also adopted by Hyundai as well as the Chinese brand IM Motors, is not necessarily optimal and involves taking your eyes off the road for a few moments.

From now on, the restyled Model 3 is equipped witha more classic indicator light on the upright, near the rear-view mirror. No need to look at the central screen or the instrument panel to know what’s going on. The indicator light will activate when a car is in your blind spot.

However, there is still a small catch. In fact, the user manual only mentions the driver’s doorwhich means the passenger side may not have this horn.

For now, we do not know whether the manufacturer has integrated new sensors and whether improvements to this system will be planned a little later. The brand has not yet communicated on this subject, and it is impossible to know whether other models in the range will also be equipped with it a little later.

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