Trzyma prawie 7500 zakładek, nawet takie sprzed 3 lat. Powód zaskakuje

It holds almost 7,500 cards, even ones from 3 years ago. The reason is surprising

How many tabs can you have open in your browser at the same time? A woman showed off a photo with almost 7,500 pages in Firefox.

A Twitter user named Hazel (we don't know her surname) shared a screenshot from the Firefox browser on the social media platform. The woman has almost 7,500 tabs open, some of which are from 3 years ago. Why?

Thousands of tabs in Firefox

Funnily enough, at one point all the tabs were closed and the browser wouldn't restore them. Fortunately, the woman, who is a software engineer, managed to recover them thanks to the Mozilla Firefox browser cache.

I feel like a part of me has been restored.

– Hazel wrote on Twitter.

However, the most important question is – why does a woman hold so many cards at all? The answer is a bit surprising, because they have sentimental significance for her. She likes seeing and looking through them because for her it's like taking a trip back in time to see what she was thinking, doing and learning.

Interestingly, such a huge number of open tabs apparently does not affect the computer's performance. Hazel says her PC is working fine. Much of this is due to Firefox itself, which has significantly improved memory management in recent years. The browser's creators also announced that they are working on a new function that will allow for better management of hundreds or even thousands of tabs.

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