is that enough to make you switch to an electric car?

France now has more than 100,000 charging stations open to the public, and more than a million including private stations. All service areas now have a station with several fast charging stations. Is that enough to make you want to switch to an electric car? Tell us everything!

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The French government is putting pressure on terminal operators to open as many fast charging stations as possible in France. Lobbying, but heavily aided by grants. And this is bearing fruit, since the bar of 100,000 charging stations open to the public was crossed a few weeks ago. With a little delay on the initial schedule however.

Another step also taken, and not the least important: the presence of at least one fast charging station at each service area on the motorways. What greatly facilitate long journeys on highways in an electric car.

A few months ago, we asked you what range an electric car required to get you to the “green” side of the car. 600 km came first. And yet, we recently proved that a theoretical autonomy of 400 km made it possible to connect Paris to Marseilles, without incident. Provided you have a car with fast charging.

Fast charging… getting faster and faster

And precisely, in this little game, manufacturers are improving more and more. If Tesla has long been a leader in the field, with a recharge in 25 minutes and more recently in 20 minutes, others are doing better. We can cite Hyundai with its Ioniq 6 which only takes 18 minutes to go from 10 to 80% on an ultra-fast terminal.

With electric cars like these, it becomes possible to travel 2 hours on the motorway, before taking a break of about twenty minutes. But the near future has other surprises in store for us, thanks to Chinese manufacturers who promise charging in 10 minutes this year on a first model of electric car. And let’s not even talk about cars that “recharge” in less than 4 minutes, like the Nios available in Europe, for example.

And you, are you ready?

In short, as you can see, mobility by electric car is becoming easier and easier in France. Whether on a daily basis, with terminals at home or on public roads, or during long journeys, with dense and reliable networks, such as Tesla or Ionity.

But, is it enough to make you switch to the electric car? Tell us everything with this survey and do not hesitate to leave a short comment if you want to deepen your point of view.


France invaded by charging stations: is that enough to make you switch to an electric car?

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