Is production of the “new” Tesla Model 3 about to start?

Tesla factories will produce fewer cars this summer, and that may have a place with the facelifted Model 3.

After achieving new record performances in the second quarter of 2023, Tesla should be forced to reduce its production rates. Elon Musk, the whimsical boss of the company, has indeed announced to investors – via Teslarati – that factories were to be temporarily closed this summer, to receive a number of “upgrades”.

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The nature of said upgrades has not been specified, but it is believed that they are related to the facelifted Model 3, also known as Model 3 “Project Highland”. The arrival of this one now seems very close. Photos or videos of more or less well camouflaged prototypes have been multiplying for several weeks.

Pre-production units produced in China

In May, Elon Musk visited the Shanghai factory, which, along with the Freemont site, produces the Model 3. For the local media, this visit is to be linked to the advent of the Model 3 “Project Highland”. The American leader would have come to see for himself the changes made in the factory to prepare for the arrival of the vehicle. Chinese media also report that Shanghai has already started assembling pre-production units.

What to expect from the Tesla Model 3 Highland?

This is the big question everyone is asking: what will the restyled Model 3 look like? Unfortunately, we can only provide a partial answer, Tesla having communicated nothing at this stage. Stolen photos showed that the front end was going to evolve quite significantly. Tesla would also take advantage of this update to improve the car’s semi-autonomous driving system, thanks to the implementation of Hardware4 software.

The steering and seats are also subject to change. Cosmetic changes would also be on the program, with among other things new rims and more recycled materials in the cabin. On the other hand, the sources at the origin of hallway noise do not report an improvement in autonomy or performance.

Tesla Model 3

The official presentation of the restyled Model 3 should take place in the coming weeks. The start of production would be given by the first quarter of 2024. If rumors are to be believed, prices will remain unchanged.

This makeover will take place more or less 6 years after the launch of the car. It could restore interest in a Model 3 completely relegated to the background by the Model Y.

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