Czy Polsce grożą blackouty i brak energii? "Sytuacja nie jest idealna"

Is Poland at risk of blackouts and lack of energy? “The situation is not ideal”

Is Poland at risk of energy blackouts? The answer to this was provided by the president of Polskie Sieci Energetyczne, Grzegorz Onichimowski.

Is Poland at risk of an energy blackout? These types of questions often arise before the holidays, when high temperatures translate into higher electricity consumption, for example due to the use of air conditioning. Grzegorz Onichimowski, president of Polskie Sieci Energetyczne, responded to this in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

Is Poland at risk of energy blackouts?

According to the president of PSE, there is no such threat, which does not mean that the situation is ideal. We certainly can't be 100 percent. confident about energy security.

Unexpected power outages for balance reasons are generally not a threat to us, because we have an interconnected European energy market and if there are gaps in the Polish energy system, we can usually quickly fill them. There is no risk of a sudden interruption of energy supplies, unless a cataclysm occurs

– said Grzegorz Onichimowski.

At the same time, he emphasized that a responsible state should not rely only on imports. Therefore, in his opinion, it is necessary to create new production capacities that are flexible and as cheap as possible.

He also pointed out that no plan for transforming the economy has been announced, which is why there is a lack of coordination in investments. This was supposed to result in the current situation, which is not the best.

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