iPhone and CarPlay take next step with Porsche

Who doesn’t remember Apple’s stunning WWDC 2022 demonstration? The Cupertino giant had hinted at integrating CarPlay into the screens of a car, leaving the illusion of an Apple Car floating. A year later, the promise has certainly not been fully kept, but Porsche, the prestigious car brand, is taking a decisive step in this direction.

This is an advance that will mark a new turning point in the integration of smartphones and cars. Porsche drivers will now be able to use their iPhone not only to listen to their favorite music, but also to control many of their vehicle’s settings. Almost a year after the WWDC 2022 demo where Apple showed off CarPlay built into a car’s display — which almost looked like an Apple Car — that vision is on its way to becoming a reality, at least in part.

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Porsche has announced that the My Porsche app will now combine vehicle functions with the CarPlay experience. This means that the My Porsche application will be accessible via the CarPlay interface. In other words, the iPhone will no longer be just a simple infotainment device, it now has some car control functions.

A CarPlay app

With the My Porsche app, drivers will be able to change their vehicle’s audio, climate control and ambient lighting settings. In addition, they will be able to access Porsche’s wellness modes, such as relax, warm up and cool down. And that’s not all: the app also interfaces with Siri commands to operate these vehicle functions.

This is a promising start that makes CarPlay even more practical and useful, going far beyond simple infotainment. However, even if this progress is notable, we are still far from a total integration of CarPlay in the automobile, with the complete control of the vehicle and all its options from the Apple interface.

For now, this new feature will only be available with the 2024 Porsche Cayenne, but Porsche has already announced that an extension to other models is planned for the future.

In addition, Porsche is introducing another interesting feature: intelligent climate control. This uses weather data to remind drivers to set the interior of their vehicle to the desired temperature for optimal comfort when leaving the vehicle.

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