iPadOS 17 will make your iPad the perfect tool for streaming and podcasting

With iPadOS 17, Apple will enable native support for USB-C connectable external webcams and microphones. An exciting new breakthrough for content creators.

During its WWDC 2023 conference, on June 5, Apple announced iPadOS 17. Among the demonstrations made by Craig Federighi on this occasion, the connection of a Studio Display to an iPad to allow the latter to use the webcam and the microphone integrated into the monitor. Very well, but Apple has not said everything. We actually learn from 9to5Mac that iPadOS 17 actually goes further in this regard.

The new version of the operating system will, for example, be able to natively support webcams and external microphones via the USB-C socket on iPads. This support will also be done without the need to install any driver beforehand. The connection will work simply plug-and-play, like on Mac, with instant recognition of the connected device, including if it is from a third-party manufacturer, and even if it is used with a USB-A to USB adapter -VS.

Streamers and podcasters can rub their hands…

As pointed out 9to5Macthis novelty is a new step taken by iPads, while iPadOS 16 had already introduced the DriverKit API allowing third-party accessory manufacturers to create specific drivers to make their products more easily compatible.

iPadOS 17 therefore goes further, even if all USB devices will not necessarily be eligible. Understand that some webcams and some microphone models will still be incompatible. The progress is nonetheless profitable, especially for content creators, streamers and podcasters.

Apple has also indicated that developers will be able to take advantage of these accessories in their applications through the AVFoundation API. We also learn that with iPadOS 17, applications will be able to rotate videos from external and integrated cameras, while allowing users to choose the audio input, or even optimize echo cancellation, between others. A healthy step forward for creatives, but unless you are beta testers, you will have to wait until the large-scale deployment of iPadOS 17 this fall to take advantage of it.

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