Intel ma problem? Chodzi o stabilność w grach

Intel washes its hands of this. He blames board manufacturers for processor instability

Intel has sent a statement to motherboard manufacturers regarding unstable 13th and 14th generation processors.

Some time ago we reported a problem with the stability of Intel 13th (Raptor Lake) and 14th generation (Raptor Lake Refresh) processors. Blue confirmed that there was a problem and began to investigate the matter. They quickly came to the conclusions that Przemek wrote about at the beginning of April. Motherboard manufacturers are to blame for everything.

Unstable Intel processors

Intel investigated the matter and concluded that the motherboard manufacturers were at fault. All processors from the blue manufacturer have recommended settings. The thing is that ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and ASRock often do not stick to them. By default, they disable power limits in their motherboard BIOSes and set higher voltages than Intel recommends in order to get at least a little better performance. This turned out to be the cause of the stability problems.

The Igor's Lab website even found the message that Intel sent to all motherboard manufacturers. In it, the manufacturer demands that its partners provide BIOS versions with default and recommended settings for individual processors on their motherboards. In addition, the company wants to add a warning to users if they decide to enable a profile with higher voltages and power limits, so that they are aware of the potential risks.

At the same time, Intel admitted that it is still investigating the matter and will provide further information if necessary. Moreover, the company intends to issue an official, public statement in May, but since this information has been leaked, it seems unnecessary at this point.

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