Intel wants to eat away at Samsung.  Talks are already underway

Intel wants to eat away at Samsung. Talks are already underway

Intel is in talks with companies in South Korea. The Americans’ goal is simple – to convince them to abandon the Samsung foundry in favor of the Blue plant.

In recent years it has been visible clear changes in Intel’s policy, all thanks to Pat Gelsinger, who became CEO in 2021. The Blues made it clear that they cared not only about computer processors, but also rebuilding its position on the semiconductor circuit production market.

Intel is expected to convince with newer lithography

And as long as it is a market leader, which it is TSMCis not endangered, it seems that Intel wants to take second place. The latest DigiTimes editorial report suggests that The Blues plan to take out Samsung.

The Americans are conducting talks with customers in South Korea to convince them to change their FABs from Korean to American ones. The reason for this is supposed to be newer lithographs. For example Intel 14A is to be available in 2026, a Intel 10A in 2028. That is, a year ahead of Samsung’s counterparts.

However, it is worth remembering that the names of lithography (from all manufacturers) have little to do with reality. These are empty marketing slogans. Moreover, the one who is first is not always the one who comes out best – temperatures, power consumption, etc. – as we have seen many times in the past.

Therefore, although the goal is ambitious and the arguments are strong, it may not be enough. Koreans are known for strongly focusing on domestic producers. Especially since Samsung works very closely with its partners, trying to solve all problems and ensure customer satisfaction. It is this factor, among others. convinced Preferred Networks to abandon TSMC in favor of a Korean chaebol.

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