Intel składa obietnicę. Chodzi o procesory Panther Lake

Intel makes a promise. These are Panther Lake processors

Intel’s upcoming processors will largely focus on AI-related performance. The Panther Lake series is supposed to be a breakthrough in this respect.

Last year, Intel Meteor Lake processors debuted and are the first from the Blue stable to be equipped with dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) systems. These are used for tasks related to artificial intelligence. However, Pat Gelsinger, the head of Intel, announces that this is just the beginning.

Intel is betting on AI

Pat Gelsinger, during a telephone conference with shareholders, promised that the company has very ambitious plans related to artificial intelligence. Later this year, the Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake models will debut, which will bring a significant increase in NPU performance compared to the Meteor Lake series. This is not the end, however, because the Panther Lake architecture is to be a real revolution.

Intel Panther Lake

Pat Gelsinger declared that Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake will bring an up to 3-fold increase in AI performance. In turn, the Panther Lake series is expected to increase the capabilities of Intel processors by 2 times compared to their predecessors. This would mean that the processors scheduled to go on sale in 2025 will offer up to 6 times greater capabilities in AI-based solutions than currently available models.

Panther Lake series processors are scheduled to hit stores in 2025. According to the information so far, these will be both desktop and mobile units. These will also be the first systems built using the Intel 18A technological process, i.e. 1.8 mm lithography in practice. The CPU will offer efficient Cougar Cove P cores and energy-saving Darkmont E cores.

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